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The Friesian is a black horse currently popular worldwide.  The Friesian breed is native to Friesland, a province located in northern Netherlands.  Many Friesians have naturally good carriage and long thick manes and tails with an abundant of “feathers” which is long, silky hair on the lower legs, deliberately left untrimmed.  The official breed rarely has white markings of any kind; most registries allow only a small star on the forehead for purebred registration.    Originally Friesians were used as war horses and later refined into a lighter carriage horse used for driving.  Today Friesians are highly valued for dressage due to their typically good movement.  Some argue Friesians can't excel in jumping due to the draft influence; however, Friesians compete in eventing and jumping with much success.  The Friesian Sport Horse Association advocates for Friesians being used in all areas of horse sport.  Friesian horses are popular mounts at renaissance festivals where they are tacked in period saddles, medieval bridles, and other medieval items.  The Friesian is considered a willing, active, and energetic horse that is also gentle and docile. A Friesian tends to have great presence and to carry itself very proudly. Friesian horses have been depicted in art throughout the ages and they are a naturally photogenic breed as you can tell by the photos in this site.  If you are interested in making a Friesian a part of your life, they will also become an extended member of your family.  Each one of our Friesian horses possesses their own uniquely loving personality, which makes them by far the most desirable breed to own.

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